Rescheduling of League Games
To All Coaches and Managers,
Rescheduling of games requires a lot of time and effort to make happen and create opportunities for problems later in the season. Just changing one game could affect as many as 70 people, disrupt referee assignments and create an unfair advantage for another team not involved in the change. The implementation of having the teams’ schedule their own games should have eliminated any rescheduling of matches. Coaches and mangers were responsible for coordinating with your team before the scheduling meeting. Below are guidelines for requesting a game be rescheduled.
Guidelines for Rescheduling of League games;
Please remember that ALL games that you are trying to reschedule must be approved by the league. Approval of the change is indicated by the change on the website schedule. To get the game you are trying to reschedule approved follow the guidelines below. The game can only be approved if both teams agree on the change.
1)      The team requesting the rescheduling must contact the coach or team manager of the team you are trying to reschedule the game with and agree on a change.
2)      Both teams must agree upon a new game date, location and approximate time before the league will approve the rescheduling of the game. Adjustments to the exact location and time may have to be made by the league due to already scheduled games and referee availability.
3)      Both teams will need to send an email to the league stating they agree to the change.
4)      If for ANY REASON the game you are rescheduling can not be played by the end of the season, the team requesting the change will receive a FORFEIT LOSS. (ie rescheduled game gets canceled for weather)
5)      Games that are rescheduled and approved greater than 10 days before the original game date will be charged a $50.00 league reschedule fee. Games that are rescheduled and approved less than 10 days before the game date will be charged the following fees for each game; game referee fee, game assignor fee and $50.00 league reschedule fee.
a.      U13 – U14 = $68 + $10 + $50 = $128.00
b.      U15 – U16 = $86 + $10 + $50 = $146.00
c.      U17 – U19 = $100 + $10 + $50 = $160.00

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